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suggested by the one phrase in purple none of this is explained. Then comes an implied imminent infanticide and the credits. The sequel does not address this at all either. Luckily, there was enough fan pressure that a TV miniseries, the Peacekeeper Wars, was eventually made and tied up the remaining loose ends. A lot of them eventually got Wrap It Up movies once they'd had enough time in syndication to get interest back. While X-Men had a definitive finale in the episode "Graduation Day the series had few unresolved plotlines: Friends Of Humanity organization is still out there and is implied to be even more powerful, an episode with Cannon suggested that shady Government agents will try. In Telepath Tactics, Igor Bloodbeard and his bandits are the major antagonists of the first arc, but he's never confronted directly, and his forces end up vanishing from the plot rather abruptly with no proper resolution. The tenth season of The Smurfs is about a dozen of the main characters lost in time due to magical crystals traveling from time to time. And with the line "Well, ain't that a bitch the screen cuts to black before anything else happens. Hydrophobia ends abruptly without dealing with a lot of the plot points: the credits roll just as the heroes encounter a new danger, you never find out about the person you're trying to save, the full details of what the heck was going.

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Bottom line is that the ending of Trinity Blood anime failed to wrap up any long-running plot threads whatsoever. Video Games Half-Life 2 : Episode Two ends with a huge one. Avatar: The Last Airbender never resolves the question of what happened to Zuko's mom. In the fourth series of Merlin Guinevere and (a fake) Lancelot are brainwashed with magic into kissing each other on porn without sound the night before Gwen's wedding to Arthur, resulting in Gwen's exile and Lancelot's suicide. It's implied that Jarek had a backup evil plan, but no further issues have been published since then. It doesn't, and the source material is still going; while there's no absolute guarantee it'll be dealt with, resolving these issues would require making something up just to end the anime. The next movie, The Wolverine, takes place decades later and ignores both of those bits - the story takes place in Japan, but it's indian girl porn star completely unrelated.

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And what the heck does the title even refer to? Examples include a Hex Maniac that says something mysterious before disappearing and Zygarde's backstory. As to whether or not Henry ever told Jo his secret, the show ends right when he's confronted with evidence, and though the dialogue implies he will tell her, we ultimately don't know for sure. For those without easy access to the manga (which, as a note, did not finish officially releasing in English-speaking countries until 2006, ten years after the conclusion of the manga in the original Japanese this was kind of a huge kick in the pants. What did he do? This was left to hang for an entire decade, and with the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3, it seems it's not going to be resolved any time soon. Other An old joke around this trope; a man living in an apartment building has fallen into the habit of dropping his shoes on the floor when he gets home and takes them off.

Most of Piano is about Miu composing a piece for her piano recital.

Due to the Gecko Ending of the anime, Venus Versus Virus didn't end well. Only the last was ever resolved (an Abstergo tech guiding one of the company's Animus users). While the main plotline was largely resolved, the nature of the Vok aliens (who instigated some of the series' biggest episodes) and the origins of Tarantulas were not explained. While the last episode was good and funny, it ended with Titus being put in a mental hospital for a few months as a stipulation for everyone to avoid jail time. were left hanging after the show got axed after season 5 ended. As Told by Ginger, "Wicked Game" (about Dodie's attempts to break her best friend Ginger's relationship with Darren). Especially in the first seasons there were a lot of plotlines opened that were just left hanging. It was last seen getting swept out to sea, Did Connie ever come out of her coma? Along those same lines, the evil immortal Adam is immobilized but still alive, and could be a threat later on if he dies again, but we won't know how. And as these were the sole story-sources after the cancellation of the toys, comics, books and movies, this effectively means the entire franchise ended this way. Sadly, the show was canceled after Disney took over ABC. The Tintin story Tintin and Alph Art was meant to be Hergé 's Grand Finale for the Tintin series, however, he was still working on a very rough draft when he died.

Ivan jarek helping hand porn, The special feeling that you get when you've watched a show and realized that an unusually large number of loose ends have been left dangling.

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