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Automated erotic porn story generator

Succubus by kkiriccio You give your friend's man a sweet and sexy surprise on Halloween. Chocolate Covered by Scarlett A blindfolded woman gets coated in chocolate sauce by her lover. Two Intruders by ilp99 Two intruders break in and awaken the hidden anal desires of your wife/girlfriend Peeping Tom by Scarlett You hide in the bushes and masturbate while spying on your dream girl. You choose the name and other attributes of the characters, and your choices are then incorporated into your own bespoke erotic story. 5 Clicks - 15 Clicks. Dream Girl by Robert Just when things start getting hot and steamy with your fantasy girl, reality intrudes. What if she felt the same way? She comes up with a unique way to get you to focus on your studies.

Celebrity Encounter by Ella A male celebrity hops into your taxi, then into your panties. Hot for Teacher by ilp99 It's hard to resist your sexy student when she's as hot for you as you are for her. Dropped by Steve She's been dropped by another guy but you soon make her forget all about him. A Moving Experience by John You're there to help her move house, but you the earth moves instead! Temporarily Lesbian by Hyperdreams, she tells you how she got turned temporarily devy lesbian porn by a hot girl in her underwear. Sweet Night by Raphael A romantic night of dancing with your special lady leads to chocolate-fueled passion when you get back home. You can choose to be the man or the woman, or to read in third-person. Consequences by Lachlan S You catch your girlfriend/wife cheating on you with another woman and the consequences for both are severe. 2 Clicks - 12 Clicks. Mile High by Mike Antony A sexy female celebrity sits next to you on a plane flight and the inevitable happens. Home Delivered by Scarlett You and your wife/girlfriend/mistress hire a hooker for the night. 4 Clicks - 3 Clicks.

Erotic stories generated just for you!The erotic stories on this site are designed so that you can make them about anyone you like.

Erotic Story Generator - Hyperdreams Interactive Sex Stories

Your jobs are to take out the unknown number of terrorist all at once. (equal opportunity villain, knows hes screwed up, but its not his fault, its all the worlds fault, anything he does is Ok and not his fault.) I will let you choose where to put John on the list, knowing that he has never forcibly raped. I laughed, but it wasnt funny. Since we couldnt hide it, we decided to advertised. The Old Boys Network Meets The New Womens Lib It is simply amazing what a force of thirty plus girls, well really women, can. Oh, Hell you know Ed loves you like a son, ha,. I have all these directives that tell me I cant give Harry antigravity, a star drive, or other things like that, but if he can get them from Ray I can nudge him in the right direction. I stated with absolute confidence. I asked, as I surveyed a large black wedge shaped thing in front. I thought maybe I was a telepath now?

3 Clicks - 5 Clicks.

Unexpected Threesome by ilp99 Your boyfriend/husband catches you with your fantasy guy and makes you both his bitches. Pain, release, and a need fulfilled. Dykes on a Train by Stephanie A lesbian encounter on a train. A Man Has Needs by kkiriccio, his wife/girlfriend isn't giving him what he needs, so he comes to you.

Automated erotic porn story generator, Enter the characters names and other attributes, then let our unique sex story generator build a sexy story especially for you.


Automated erotic porn story generator, 465 Clicks - 559 Clicks.

The theorem and experimentation included passing physical interaction between two objects at a distance. I have a nice body that I work on daily. All, duration, quality, all, hD, source, all 3dHentaiVideo 3Movs 3prn 4Tube. Views: 131   Rated: 6 (1). Views: 7401   Rated:.29 (127) Squire Flynns Adventures part 2 Categories Fiction, Boy, Gay, Consensual Sex Published: uthror: ThaKid15 Arthur knocked twice on the wooden door and waited several second, listening for permission to come inside. Inside, there was a big room which was set. Samantha is considered one of the most beautiful girl in the school with her long legs, fair skin, silky long dark brownish hair, slender body with 32B. One such experiment was performed using nanoparticles. He stood looking out of the storm door to enjoy the view as she walked away. Its whopping 5in and rather thin. Our interactive erotic stories allow you to make plot choices while you are reading the story. They had packed for a picnic this morning and we all went to the beach for brunch. Past week, past month, past 3 months, past year. I just lack in the penis department. Views: 3510   Rated:.6 (25) Page 1 of 5171. I never let that bother me though. Yet, oddly enough, not Sasha and not Tina.

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